Chess Master, Bridge Olympian, and one of the best backgammon players in the world, Stanley Tomchin is currently devoted to philanthropy and tennis

Stanley Tomchin is most known for his successes as a professional games player, chess, bridge and backgammon master. Having dedicated the last twenty years of his life to supporting charities and donating to good causes, he is relieved that he can once again focus on his philanthropic work after he had to endure a years-long prosecution over the charges raised against him by the Queen’s County District Attorney’s Office in New York.

Stanley Tomchin was raised in Long Island, New York, where he developed an interest in poker at an early age. This interest along with his remarkable skill set resulted in a career that would take Mr. Tomchin out of New York and around the globe. He was a chess master at 13, represented the United States in the bridge Olympiad and played backgammon in countries all around the world. Mr. Tomchin then spent some time in Las Vegas, where he stayed at the Jockey Club and had reached the status of most potent professional game player in the world. But at some point Mr. Tomchin felt it was time to move on. The next stage of his life brought him to California, where he started his family and has been devoting his time to charity work.

Mr. Tomchin felt very much inspired by his sister Joy, who has been actively involved in the AIDS Service Center of NYC, the GMCH and other LGBT organizations for many years. Joy and her big brother always had a very close and loving relationship. Along with helping his sister with her projects, Mr. Tomchin also focused on local charities as well as larger organizations, including Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Starting in 2012, Stanley’s philanthropic work was hindered by multiple charges that were made against him by the Queen’s County District Attorney’s Office in New York. The indictment by the DA even labeled Mr. Tomchin as a top “bookmaker”, claiming he was responsible for directing the actions of numerous “agents” who assisted gamblers to place illegal wagers via the Internet.

In July 2014, the criminal prosecution of Mr. Tomchin ended quietly with an agreed upon plea to a class B misdemeanor – the least serious category under New York State law. After reaching the agreement with the District Attorney ’s Office in New York, Stanley Tomchin’s attorneys stated that they were very happy with the resolution of the case. “The District Attorney’s Office began this case with an exaggerated press statement that sought to portray Mr. Tomchin as a gangster kingpin,” said David Deitch, a partner of Washington D.C.-based law firm Ifrah Law that represented Mr. Tomchin throughout the proceedings. “Their willingness to resolve the case with a plea to a class B misdemeanor shows that those claims were no more than a smoke and mirrors façade designed to hide a case with weak evidence.”

Mr. Tomchin hopes to put the stress of enduring a years-long prosecution behind him and is optimistic that he now will be able to once again fully dedicate his time, attention and energy to his philanthropic work. One of the biggest success stories in that area is a fund, which Mr. Tomchin set up to address the unmet needs of the Las Vegas community by devoting his time and energy to make a difference in the lives of others. The fund helps improve Nevada’s health, education, arts and quality of life sectors, and provides resources necessary for addressing Nevada’s most crucial issues to effect social change and care in the community. Another program that benefits from Mr. Tomchin’s generosity is the tennis foundation in Las Vegas, a foundation that focuses on mentoring children on the principles of life, among many others.